Digital advertising vs traditional advertising in malaysia

Which are the most effective advertising platforms TODAY?

There are a lot of advertising platforms used nowadays. Television, radio, newspaper or magazine have long dominated the advertising scene. Now advertising is split between traditional and modern, the latter is generally known as digital marketing.

In the early 90s, interest in digital marketing was almost null due to the digital space being in its infancy. However, from the year 1994-1995, after the introduction of the first clickable banner ad in 1994, which was the “You Will” campaign by AT&T, investments in online marketing has increased by more than 300 million dollars. Since that fateful day, the platform has opened up a sea of advertising and online commerce. Since the internet consists of globally interconnected computer networks, naturally this offers companies and sellers inexpensive and convenient tools for advertising and communicating with their

There are various types of online advertisements. According to Rodgers and Thorson (2000), online advertisements consist of banner advertisements, pop-advertising, sponsorship, hyperlinks as well as on websites. Although online advertising acts as an effective tool to reach larger audiences, it is important to note various features such as quality content to make it more effective. According to Tsang and Tse (2005), online advertising is only effective if it is able to generate a response from consumers. Generally, the visuals in any advertisement is the most important aspect in attracting the attention of the consumers. Fortunately, in today’s world, there are various forms of features used in online advertising to attract the reader’s attention.

Generally, a marketing plan must have a few common forms in order to introduce a “product” to customers. A study on Malaysian Consumers has effectively summarised the findings on online advertising features.


The abovementioned advertising channels are not the only available ones out there. The deciding factor here is what is the impact you are going for on the audience. In other words, are the methods of the marketing channel influential enough? Which then begs the question, how do you measure the effectiveness and reach of the advertisement?

INVOKE conducted a consumer research survey to unearth how people feel about digital marketing and how they consume their media.

A breakdown of how people in Malaysia consume media and learn about services and products.

If we look at the bar chart above, we can divide the kind of advertising into two categories. First is
traditional media and the other is digital media. We can say that both methods above are still relevant as each of them have a substantial amount of votes accordingly.

Now, breaking down them to the age group.
Based on Figure 1, we asked the respondents about their main source of information. The responses are divided into three categories. Group A consists of people less than 29 years old while group B lies between 30 and 49, and lastly, group C is more than 49 years old.

Judging from our data, it seems that traditional forms of media such as television, newspaper and radio are still relied upon by the older generation belonging to Group C ( >49 years old). This is unsurprising. However, it is surprising to see that young people also consume a significant amount of traditional media.

While for digital media, we can see that young people in group A contributed the most responses for the categories of Facebook & Instagram ads and Whatsapp ads followed by group B and subsequently group C. This is expected as digital media, especially social media such as Facebook, Instagram are easily accessible by young people due to penetration rate of smartphones. Retail websites nowadays even have mobile apps to be as user-friendly as possible for those browsing and using smartphones.

In conclusion, it is shown that all the methods are important on their own, therefore a progressive step
would be to see that the advertisement goes to the targeted group of audience as only then will the ads be successful and you are able to exploit the medium to its maximum.

No matter what type of advertising channel is being used, most importantly there must clear knowledge
on who your audience is. Of course, a company would always want to make sure their money is not wasted
on the wrong audience.

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