What Is ACIES?

ACIES means Sharpness.


Sharpness because all our insights have pinpoint precision.


Precision through our wealth of data collected every single day. Through our insightful, local subject matter knowledge from those who know the best. Our advanced predictive algorithms and innovative machine-learning systems enable us to obtain granular data, results, and analysis. We invest heavily in our technology and experts specialising in Big Data analytics as we believe this should from the crux of our operation for maximum accuracy.


Our articles and reports combine the most rigorous quantitative analysis and the most insightful quantitative subject matter knowledge from our local, expert research team.


A single subscription to ACIES will help you unlock the most reliable, accurate, and comprehensive understanding on Malaysia’s future.

Who Are We?

We are a product of an internationally recognized organization, INVOKE – the only organization in the globe that correctly predicted the fall of a 61 year-old regime in Malaysia.


What Do We Believe?

In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data

We are a firm believer in letting the numbers speak. The numbers bring clarity, accuracy and representation to the claims that we make about policies, socio-economic and political issues. How else would we have known that BN was going to lose and who would win each parliamentary sear? Anything less than that, is well reasoned speculation and that is not our business.


We are fully aware there are instances where the data does not give the full context. That is the reason we accompany the quantifiable information with subject matter perspective of the data from our research experts.