Unknown, but surprisingly positive. That's how the Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus can be summed up. Chief Minister Aminuddin Harun is the latest Chief Minister, appointed under the PH stewardship of the state. Previously, Negeri Sembilan, Special Abode

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Kelantan seems almost like another world when viewed from the lens of the urban Kl-ites. Many are genuinely perplexed why the people of Kelantan would still time and time again vote in the conservative PAS. Therein lies the almost unbridgeable

Digital media vs traditional media. What's the best way for advertisers to reach their target audiences in modern Malaysia?

The seat allocation based on parties for the Kelantan state legislative assembly, after considering the PAS-Amanah split. Image from ISEAS. Up until recently, Malaysia has been governed by only one coalition of parties since independence in 1957. Now the opposition